Tuesday, 10 May 2016

#17 - Eat from 40 different places I haven't eaten at before - 8/40

8.  The place -  Ye Olde Boote Inn, Whittington.  The dish - Beer battered plaice with homemade tartare sauce, chips and vegetables. Eat in - 6th May, 2016.

We ate here on the first night of my birthday weekend away, the pub being right next door to the B&B we stayed at.  I'd perused the menu online before I booked and once I saw battered plaice on it, that was me hooked.

The plaice fell apart and was so subtle tasting.  The beer batter remained crispy right down to the last mouthful, and - not one bone.  I know it's a risk you take with fresh fish, but even one bone has been known to put me off (and leave) a meal.  The tartare sauce was mustardy, something I've never had before but it was gorgeous and I want to replicate that at home.  Vegetables were peas, carrots and cooked red cabbage which also tasted pickled... really good!  Chips were skin on chips too, lovely.  

Mr G opted for the rib eye steak, and that too was cooked to perfection and melt in the mouth (I tried a tiny, tiny piece).  These came with the most lush tomatoes I've had, they were hard, and garlicky.  Not sure if they'd been cooked or what as they were cold.  I think Mr G would happily survive on those tomatoes forever.

I know I give a lot of 10/10s for my meals, but that's because I am pretty lucky wherever we go to eat, we get a good meal.  This meal, however wasn't just a 10/10, it raised the bar for pub food in my book, and I would have no hesitation in eating here again the next time we're in the area.  Spot on, five star, 10/10.

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