Sunday, 1 May 2016

#17 - Eat from 40 different places I haven't eaten at before - 6/40

6.  The place -  Four Crosses, Menai Bridge.  The dish - Sweet Chilli Chicken Sizzler, rice and chips. Eat in - 27th April, 2016

 Seven of us ate here for my Auntie's 70th birthday surprise meal.  She thought she was going out for a meal with my Mum, but 'the ladies' met up with her.  I have eaten here before but not for many, many years.  The food was great, the chicken wasn't overcooked, the vegetables done just right, and a generous portion of both rice and chips, considering it was meant to be half and half.  I also had a slice of Salted Caramel Cake for dessert...

It was very busy in there, judging by the quality of the food this wasn't surprising, and it does get a bit smoky (a bit too smoky for some) once people start ordering the sizzlers, but it didn't bother me.  Unfortunately you can't book a table for less than (I think) 8 people, so when we took friends out on Friday evening, we had to walk in and back out again immediately as it was chocker, and go on to Moelfre.  Good value for money, one of the most varied menus I have seen anywhere, and staff friendly and really accommodating.  10/10.

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